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Innovative Concessions is a full-service specialty food and beverage company with a focus in the "fun foods" category of the industry. Offering "turn-key" concessions operations, catering operations and wholesale distribution opportunities for our entire product line. In addition, Innovative Concessions operates traditional "brick and mortar" branded retail outlets across all markets.


Innovative Concessions was formed in 2012 when Dansig & Associates, after more than two decades of serving "fun foods" at major special events, merged with specialty foods wholesaler and franchise operator Below Zero Enterprises. Combining the resources and expertise of two great companies, Innovative Concessions has become the premier choice for all your "fun foods" operational needs. 


Innovative Concessions currently provides its services in stadiums, arenas, ballparks, convention centers, regional entertainment venues, major professional golf tournaments and annual high-profile events across the country as well as local, regional and national connivence store, grocery, drug, and entertainment retailers. 

Redefining Specialty Food and Beverage Services.

Serving fun foods across the USA for over 30 years!

It's Personal

We will work with you, our customer, to create a speciality food and beverage program that fits your taste, budget and style. 

Signature Style

An Innovative approach to the demand of Concessions applied to the Enterprises of food and beverage. 

Our Commitment

Innovative Concessions is dedicated as a company to provide the best products and services that exceeds the standard in the specialty food and beverage industry. 

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